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Rheo-Hub is the Rheology Tool Kit of IRIS Developent LLC

Rheo-Hub is designed to drive innovation in rheology and to provide a wide community of engineers, physicists, chemists, and biologists with acess to the newest developments in rheology. We envision that this objective can be achieved by combining advanced data analysis with direct access to rheology theory and simulation.

Rheo-Hub allows the rheologist to pursue his/her real mission: explore new materials, relate molecular architecture to macroscopic properties, uncover relaxation patterns, apply to processes, communicate results, explain and teach.

Rheo-Hub uses its interactive graphics platform for data analysis, seamless communication of data, quantitative comparison with models and simulation.

Rheo-Hub provides a data structure for archiving, documentation, and instantaneous access. User groups can share information, import new data from any source, shift, calculate spectra, compare, store, retrieve, and plot within minutes.

Rheo-Hub as an interactive computer program is self-explanatory, user-friendly, and quick. Its efficient use is also taught in tutorials, workshops, and short courses.

Rheo-Hub gets updated annually by adding further modules the platform. The world's most advanced rheology groups write these modules and we attach the modules to the IRIS platform. The current capabilities can be found under "case studies".

Waveform of dynamic mechanical experiment

Dynamic moduli of polymer solution with 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% polymer (tube dilation theory of McLeish and coworkers). Polymer: linear, flexible chains of uniform size.