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Interactive Plotting Routine of IRIS

Communication tools have been a major part of the IRIS project. Software is included in IRIS for that specific purpose. Typically, an efficient data analysis with IRIS and rheological modelling get expressed in visuals for inclusion in oral presentations and/or written reports. This is facilitated by an interactive plotting routine
The interactive plotting routine supports
-- publication quality plotting
-- overlays of experiment/theory, experiment/experiment/ theory/theory
-- editing
-- data splitting or merging
-- curve fitting
-- conversion of G',G'' from the frequency domain to the time domain (spectrum calculation)
-- variable formats
-- reduced data density in plots (thinning)
-- data export by digitizing any of the continuous or discrete functions in the plot.
-- IRIS keeps backups of recently prepared plots, ready to be re-activated when needed again.
-- text editing
-- copy and paste into MSWord and MSPowerpoint
-- transfer of plot into GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.

Interactive Work Examples

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