The IRIS Mission

Our mission is to identify barriers to the understanding and/or application of rheology, and to overcome these barriers with scalable rheology solutions that empower the science/engineering community solving real world problems. Our mission is supported by Rheo-Hub, a software platform which serves as central hub for many rheological experiments and advanced theories to come together there. IRIS stands for Interactive Rheolgy Information System. An overview of RIS functions can be found in "10 years of IRIS" and "25 years of IRIS"

Free Trial of IRIS Rheo-Hub

Free trials are available on short notice. The free trial period is thirty days. Activation occurs remotely. If interested, please request an access code at
Additional help is available upon request.

Extended Access to IRIS Rheo-Hub

The trial period is long enough to experience rheology in a quantitative way. Long enough, for instance, to use IRIS in a rheology course and present rheology in an interactive format. Or to apply the IRIS software in an industrial setting.
Extension requires a new access code which can be requested at
Extended access is easily arranged. Different licensing models are available. Educational institutions can sign up at substantial discount.