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Basic Papers for the IRIS Rheology Platform

References for IRIS
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Examples of IRIS Applications in:
Baumgärtel M, Schausberger A, Winter HH (1990) The relaxation of polymers with linear flexible chains of uniform length. Rheologica Acta 29:400-408
Guskey SM, Winter HH (1991) Transient shear behavior of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer in the nematic state. J Rheology 35 (6):1191-1207
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Winter HH, Jackson JK (1996) Linear Viscoelasticity: The search for patterns in the relaxation of polymer melts and gels. in J.A Covas Ed Rheological Fundamentals of Polymer Processing NATO ASI book Kluver Academic Publishers

References for TRMS
Mours M, Winter HH (1994) Time resolved rheometry. Rheologica Acta 33:385-397
Mours M, Winter HH (1995) Viscoelasticity of polymers during heating/cooling sweeps. Ind Eng Chem Res 34:3217-3222
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De Rosa, ME, Winter HH (1994) The effect of entanglements on the rheological behavior of polybutadiene critical gels. Rheologica Acta 33:220-237

Additional references can be found on home page of H.H. Winter.

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